Brand Enhancement – Allowing Business to Grow

Event Marketing

Ecommerce World is a leading business and networking event organizer in HK, delivering innovative and interactive events, providing a platform for professionals, though-leaders and industry representatives to meet face to face, and matching great business opportunities with digital and analytical tools in Asia at over 100 events.

By organizing conferences and ceremonies for industry knowledge transfer, product sourcing, business networking and so on, we assist our clients to demonstrate their products and build in-depth relationship with audience, while audience can gain inspiration. There is infinite cooperation that can generate revenues, provide invaluable resources, and urge performance improvement.

Digital Marketing

Social media can drive brand engagement and customer affiliation, though it is no longer a new tool, it is important to capture customers who have been enjoying social activities there. We provide a wide rage of services including creating innovative content, developing mini game, running data-driven Facebook, Twitter and WeChat advertisement campaign, to lead an increase in conversion rates in webpage visit and even shopping carts.

Public Relations

The success of a company lies not only on their ability and quality, communications to the public and media to highlight uniqueness from its peers is also a key. Therefore, Ecommerce World assist in plans to develop, maintain, and even enhance corporate image and brand equity.

Training Courses, Workshops, Seminars

With the infinite prospect and ever-changing environment of e-commerce, professionals required to keep improving and catch up with the latest trends. Therefore, courses and events with educational purposes serve a great way to enhance knowledge in the e-commerce profession.