Project Implementation – Hyper-connected Seamless Customer Relationship

O2O / New Retail Solutions

O2O has always been a conceptual idea, rather than a real business practice in the real world. While the majority is hoping to connect and integrate online and offline channels, there are always difficulties to deliver the same message, same image, and even same product via all available channels of a company, and the conversion rate from online store to offline store, or vice versa, is nearly 0.

Therefore, Ecommerce World aims to assist companies to achieve feasible and authentic O2O solutions by integrating and allocating resources efficiently. Proudly present ShopME as the ultimate O2O solution incorporating the concept of new retail with 1 cloud system, controlling all offline RoboShops, generating data for making data-inspiring strategies, also providing hardware and software support, including website and app construction, to build a seamless connection between companies and consumers.

In the mean time, customer experience is the key to determine customer’s satisfaction level, so Ecommerce World is glad to provide interactive solutions with the use of technology to attract more potential consumers.

Website Establishment

To start an e-commerce or m-commerce business, websites, web-shops, and mobile apps with user-friendly UX and UI are very important. Ecommerce World provides a huge flexibility in designing your own dream website, we persue your imagination.

Trust Assurance

Consumers value genuine and quality goods and services, meanwhile, the origin and feature of product placed in online stores are hard to be proved. Therefore, building a trustworthy online shopping environment is important for e-shops or platforms to gain loyal customers. Ecommerce World provides trust assurance by granting online shops Trust Mark and providing insurance services to protect consumers from any negative online shopping experience, this can significantly improve the confidence level of consumers and promising to deliver product and services align with customer expectation can help achieve sales growth.